What's in a story?

truth is stranger than fiction

Daddy Milagro, born Milagro Hiawatha Jones on January 14th in Madison, Wisconsin, is an independent recording and performing artist located in Los Angeles, CA. Daddy Milagro released ten albums and compilations from 2022-2023 and is now focused on crafting story-driven content and singles. 

A true Gem in an age where everything that glitters definitely isn't gold, Daddy Milagro goes beyond the gimmicks. He grabs listeners by the heart with his soulful storytelling and witty writing. Daddy Milagro's superb beat selection separates him from similar artists within the genre-crossing blurry boundaries of modern Hip Hop and Rap.

Born into homelessness and raised in poverty, Daddy Milagro's music is reflective and aspirational. His life story of overcoming obstacles such as incarceration leaves fans inspired and in awe. As an independent artist, Daddy Milagro has a unique aesthetic and street-smart style.

Daddy Milagro is working on music, designing fashion, and creating content for his fans. Subscribe to Daddy Milagro on YouTube and follow his Instagram.